Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing

That We Offers

Some projects require the acquisition of information on objects and phenomena at a large scale. The physical survey in such a situation is not a viable option. Remote sensing is a technique that is time and cost effective and is therefore apt for such projects. SKYRAX offers remote Sensing services to its clients worldwide. The services ensure accurate and cost-effective data collection which is an important input for planning and designing of mapping projects.

SKYRAX expertise in remote Sensing branches out to meet classification, image correction, image enhancement, image processing, and change detection services. These services are rendered as per the project's requirements. We offers remote Sensing services by creating data to analyze and compare data of forestry, weather, vegetation, pollution, erosion, land use. The remote sensing services offered by SKYRAX can also be helpful for city planning, military observation, archaeological investigations and so on.

Our Services include

  • Mining Mapping.
  • Cadastral Mapping.
  • Change Detection.
  • Slope Aspect Analysis.
  • Land Cover Classification.
  • Coastal Ecosystem Management.
  • Forestry Mapping.
  • Agriculture Mapping.